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We welcome and thank you for your interest in Mapleton Thoroughbred Farm and the “Sport of Kings”. As you go through our site we hope you will appreciate our pride in our farm and more importantly, the love of the Thoroughbred bred and raised in Ohio.

The original farm dates back to 1878. The present day farm was founded by Dr’s. George R. Sikora and John P. Bryk. Today, it operates as a modern thoroughbred operation. Our involvement in Ohio Thoroughbreds dates back to our youth, while as a student in Veterinary School, Dr. Sikora worked at Darby Dan Farm in Columbus, Ohio. Over the years, their interest in Thoroughbreds involved ownership of claiming horses in Ohio racing. Recently our ownership in thoroughbreds has escalated, in the last 7 years, to take advantage of Ohio’s approval of racino’s by building a modern breeding and racing operations.

The focus is to breed, raise, sell and race the best accredited and registered Ohio Thoroughbreds in the buckeye state.

The farm, at a glance, consists of the following:

Whether you choose to board here (broodmare, yearling or lay ups), breed to our stallions, breed or race with us, we can assure you that our commitment to your Thoroughbred will help you achieve your dream.

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