Mapleton ThoroughBred Farm

Partnership Mission

The formation of the partnership is to provide fun, excitement, and ownership experience in the “Sport of Kings”. The partnership can also provide the partners with a profitable return on their investment. However, investing in Thoroughbred race horses should always be viewed like buying penny stocks, hoping to hit it big.

Why Join the Mapleton Thoroughbred Farm Partnerships

Like all racing partnerships, Mapleton Thoroughbred racing partnerships in its purest form, offers each racing enthusiast a piece of the action while spreading the risk. However, all racing is a numbers game. By having a piece of many horses, one has multiple chances to be successful. Also, by reducing the competition, one also increases the chances at being successful.

That’s why we are focused on Ohio racing. By producing Ohio registered and accredited Thoroughbreds, we eliminate competitors from outside the state. Racing in Ohio allows you to have the opportunity to chase the 3.2 million stakes program and 2.3 million awarded in restricted purses, overnights and supplements.

Racing in Ohio allows the Mapleton Thoroughbred partners to see their horses, first hand, without having to jump on an airplane or observe the race on HRTV.

Mapleton Thoroughbred yearlings are some of the best sired, in the state. Presently, the stallions standing at Mapleton Thoroughbred Farm are rated one and two, by the Blood Horse rankings, in the State of Ohio. They rank one and four, in the 11 stakes comprising the Midwest.

The broodmare band consists of some of the best bred mares in the state, if not the region.

A Dozen Reasons to Join the Mapleton Thoroughbred Farm Partnership

1. Ohio presence. If you live in the Buckeye state, then seeing your horse race in Ohio first hand is probably for you.

2. Professionals in Charge. The Mapleton Thoroughbred Farm partnerships are managed by dedicated horsemen, veterinarians, business, bloodstock and turf people that bring to the table, skills that are hard to duplicate.

3. Experience. The horses are selected and handled by people that are leaders in Ohio Thoroughbred breeding and racing.

4. Timing. Someone said, “Timing is everything in Life.” With the LVT’s influence on the purse structure for Ohio bred horses, there is no better time to become involved with Ohio Thoroughbred racing.

5. Spreading the Risk. Like all partnerships, you maximize your invested dollar, while minimizing your risk.

6. Community Based. Our groups are small compared to national companies, located in North Central Ohio. In Polk, Ohio, we en- courage and invite you to visit the farm, our headquarters, to appreciate with whom, when, how and where you are putting your dollars.

7. Integrity. With Mapleton Thoroughbred Farm retaining a minimum of 50% or more ownership, there is the proof that we put our money where our mouth is.

8. Affordability. The Mapleton Thoroughbred Farm, in our opinion, delivers the largest bang for your buck. We encourage you to compare our program to others.

9. Close Knit Group. If you want to join a limited group with camaraderie, then the Mapleton Thoroughbred Farm partnership is for you. Unlike many other racing partnerships, we focus on developing personal relationships with our partners. We maximize our group with 1-5 partners on all horses.

10. Buying into Ohio Bred’s. By buying into Ohio bred’s, we limit the completion outside the state and are able to compete for stakes and added money that is growing exponentially.

11. Get Together. The partners meet and review the progress of the horses and can review upcoming yearlings being placed into the program.

12. Reports. All partners receive an update from the shed row by email.

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