Mapleton ThoroughBred Farm

Partnership Objectives

At Mapleton Thoroughbred Farm, our aim is to not only provide our clients with exceptional service for their thoroughbred investments but to also provide opportunities for people that want to get involved in the Thoroughbred industry, in a small to large way.

When you review our partnership programs, structured for breeding and racing, you will realize that risk management, along with long term business relationships, benefiting all parties, are the underlying desired goals. We approach each partnership with the goal of achieving success but not at the cost, in our opinion, of throwing sound business principles to the wind. Spending a lot of money on a particular horse does not guarantee success. Rather we insist, if we are involved with our money, that financial loss be minimized and long shots not pursued. In other words, in this business because it is a gamble, try to be smart and limit your down side!

By spreading and assuming risk, along with injecting into the partnership expertise, facilities and a professional staff and associates, we create ownership opportunities that would not be easily duplicated for individuals. Especially, at the costs incurred at our partnership levels.

We emphasize, that we are willing to share the risks and rewards equally with like-minded partners. We encourage new novice Thoroughbred enthusiasts to partner with us only when they deem the proposed strategy and time is right for them.

If and when you should decide to engage in either our breeding or racing partnership, rest assured, we are here to help invest in yours and Mapleton Thoroughbred Farm’s future, in the “Sport of Kings,” in Ohio.

Contact us, if you want to be a part of the Ohio Thoroughbred industry.
It could be the start of something big in your life!

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