Mares For Sale

The goal of the Mapleton Thoroughbred Farm is to have the best Ohio has to offer in Thoroughbred bloodstock and our broodmare sales are no exception. We maintain a broodmare band for yearling production and to sell mares to fellow Ohio breeders looking for quality mares, bred to Ohio sires.  Each mare is leased for $1.00 per/year and after foaling, can be bought for $1.00.

With each purchase of a mare, comes a Mapleton Thoroughbred Farm broodmare secure agreement. So long as the purchaser maintains ownership of the mare; they can come back to our breeding shed, at no stud fee, and breed to any stallion standing and owned at the Mapleton Thoroughbred Farm.

This guarantee insures that you can breed your mare to some of the best stallions standing in Ohio, for an accredited foal, at no cost or stud fee, to you.

For Sale Ribbons and Roses