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We welcome and thank you for your interest in HMD Racing Partnership Group and the “Sport of Kings”. As you go through our site we hope you will appreciate our pride in our farms and more importantly, the love of the Thoroughbred. "Breeding and Racing Ohio's Best".  All of HMD Racing Partnerships horses are bred by either HMD / Mapleton /  Duncan farms





 Each summer the partnership starts with 8– 9 yearlings, picked out of twenty five yearlings. bred by the partnership farms, that are Ohio Accredited or Ohio Bred. The horses are raced at Ohio tracks for the benefit of competing for Ohio stakes and added money. If any horse shows exceptional ability, it can race outside the state for other purses or stakes.
Each partnership consists of 15 – 30 - 45% of a horse. These are filled the year before, when the horses are yearlings or up to April, when the horses are 2-year-olds. HMD Racing retains a minimum of  55% of the shares. The partnerships are set up as a business LLC with a K1 form, given to each partner at the end of the year, to reflect any taxable profit or loss. Each partnership horse is expected to run 3 years and then be dissolved. Members wanting to leave before 3 years, would be required to place their % interest with another shareholder before leaving. Horses having exceptional ability would allow the partnership to extended in 12 month increments going forward each year. The horses, Thoroughbred fillies, can have breeding value at the end of their racing careers. These fillies will be sold, and the funds will be distributed to the partners.














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