Mapleton Thoroughbred Farm strives to provide its clients with the full-range of services necessary to effectively and affordably manage their thoroughbred investments. With a premiere facility and professional management team, we challenge you to find better care in the State of Ohio. More importantly, any better value in the country!

Our Services – what we do for your horse.

  • Mare care / Breeding and Boarding year around.
  • Weanling and Yearling care.
  • Lay-ups.

Mare Care / Boarding & Breeding - year around care.

Quality Service to our clients is our goal. From nutrition to foaling, we care for your mare like it was our own. That’s because, your mare will be integrated with the Mapleton Thoroughbred mares. To provide the best possible outcome for your mare and ours, we provide the following:

Best nutrition possible, free access to hay in run-in sheds and stalls, at all times. Ample pasture and grain prepared with minerals, vitamins, and Golden Link® Microbial Supplements.

  • Climate controlled foaling barn.
  • Mares blanketed during severe winter temperatures.
  • Mares access to large multiple run in sheds 30 x 80 for turnout.
  • Large stalls 12 x 20 for winter evenings under lights and summer days under fans.
  • Heated automated waters in all stalls and run-in sheds.
  • Foals handled and trained from day one.
  • Access to pastures of 2 plus acres per mare.
  • Routine preventive veterinary care and vet checked as needed.
  • Routine farrier trimming every 2 months.
  • Foaling and comprehensive veterinary care.
  • Expert reproductive care.
  • Arranging transportation to and from Kentucky and mare boarding.


Weanling and Yearling Care and Sale Preparation

Your weanling or yearling will receive not only an abundance of nutritious feed to grow and develop but also the necessary handling, training and pasture exercise needed to advance to their athletic careers.

Each weanling and yearling along with the Mapleton Thoroughbred Farm’s weanlings and yearlings will receive the following:

  • Grain mixture of 14% supplemented with minerals, vitamins and Golden Link® Microbial Supplements.
  • Free choice mixed hay, testing 16 % and pastures year around to develop their bones and muscles.
  • 9% fat added to diet when indicated in later development.
  • Handled and lead daily.
  • 12 x 14 individual stalls for feeding, twice daily.
  • Trained and handled to a walker, trailer and wash rack as a yearling.
  • Routine preventive vet care and checked as needed.
  • Routine farrier trimming, starting as a weanling.
  • Sale prep with the use of a treadmill and walker to develop that athletic image.


Lay up’s and Rehabilitation

Mapleton Thoroughbred Farm boards a limited number of lay-ups throughout the year. Your equine athlete will get the rest or rehabilitation it deserves. Whether it is to recover from surgery, injury or just needing a break from a grueling campaign, it can be cared for with the following amenities:

  • 12 x 14 stalls with heated waterer in the winter to individual fans in the summer.
  • Individual paddock for turn out.
  • Indoor walker, year around.
  • Individual treadmill for rehabilitation.
  • Individual feed, as directed by trainer.

Rehabilitation with Our Treadmill

Horse treadmills are fast becoming a must have for race and performance horses needing rehabilitation after an injury. These treadmills have been developed to provide a complete safe controlled workout for the equine. The combination of adjustable speed and incline, along with the ability to control the intensity and duration of a therapy session, provides ample variety in the rehab program.

Treadmills are especially useful for rehabilitating tendons, flexibility of joints post-surgical, and building heart and lung endurance stamina. Therapy can be accomplished in a safe and secure climate controlled environment, without the weight of a rider risking further injury to a weak post-surgical or injured leg.

The treadmill comes complete with a wealth of emergency safety features that automatically cut in training programs to protect the horse and handler. Injury cases benefit greatly from early physical therapy intervention by preventing scar tissue formation, increase the speed of healing by reducing edema and helping make the limb less painful. All these issues can make the difference in success or failure for the athletic horse recovering to get back to overall fitness.