Michael L. Rone - Multiple Graded Stakes Placed Trainer, as well as the  2nd position leading trainer at Thistledown Rack Track. Michael trains  HMD'S Colts.


Megan Fadlovich - Megan is an outstanding trainer that brings talent to our fillies. We are excited to have her on our team.


You can trust that the HMD horses are in good hands surrounded with the combined experience, patience, and talent that both Michael & Megan provide.





Each racing partnerships yearlings start their career and training at an Ohio farm either at Duncan or Mapleton Farm and from there they go to Huntertown Farm to continue training on one of the two training tracks located on Huntertown  farm.  HMD partnership management ships the yearlings to Huntertown around March 1st, to continue their training. By starting the yearlings in this manner, a solid foundation is able to be laid down so that by June when back in Ohio, the 2-year-olds are ready to go to the track and start breezing under the training of our outstanding trainers Megan Fadlovich and Michael Rone.