As like all racing partnerships, HMD racing partnership in its purest form, offers each racing enthusiast a piece of
the action while, spreading the risk. Each partner shares in the thrill and heartbreak! This is the essence of
Thoroughbred investing. At each level of racing, profits are not guaranteed. The only guarantee in racing are the
bills. Expenses are high and heart break is possible. Horses can win big or finish out of the money.
Some partners may buy a percentage in one horse or multiple horses. By buying a fraction of each horse in the
partnership, the partners spread the risk. It is like buying shares of a mutual fund verses a company. But a racing
partnership should not be looked at as a conservative investment but as an investment. It should be reviewed like
buying penny stocks, hoping to hit it big.
Another reason other than spreading the risk in multiple horses is that unlike most other racing partnerships, HMD
Racing partnership horses are bred to race in Ohio. You have ownerships in the “Sport of Kings”, in the state of
Ohio. HMD racing partnerships races their horses at the three Thoroughbred tracks in Ohio and the neighboring

tracks in adjoining states. This allows the Ohio partners to see their horses firsthand without having to jump on an
airplane or observe the race on HRTV.

HMD, Mapleton and Duncan Farm produces some of the best Ohio bred and accredited yearlings, in the state.
Presently, HMD's stallion Dominus is standing at the Duncan Farms located in Warsaw, Ohio and Creative Cause is standing at Airdrie Stud Inc. located in Midway, KY.

“In football you win with people” W.W. Hayes
“In horse racing you win with your mares” HMD.
Every year the broodmare band improves with additions we feel can increase our chances of producing that special
foal to race.