“Join HMD Racing Group and own one of our member Sired/Bred Runners”

Become part of our racing group that has partaken in over 7 million won by HMD Racing group members Sired/Bred Runners thoroughbred owners that have received their shares over $5.5 won by HMD Racing Sired/Bred Runners.

Breeding, Producing, and Racing accredited Ohio bred yearlings is what we do. HMD Racing Group Members has been successful in the Ohio program by breeding to blood stock that is proven: Proven stallions to proven mares and/or deep black type families. HMD Racing Group foals are established by their pedigree. HMD's stallions and broodmares provide us the quality to guide our program to produce athletic stakes horses in the Ohio Racing Program.

Every HMD Racing Group Member weanling/yearling receive an abundance of nutritious feed for growth and development. Our grain mixture is supplemented with minerals, omega 3, vitamins and  Golden Link® Microbial Supplements. Free choice mixed hay, tested at 16%, pastures year round to develop their bones and muscles. Daily handling and leading. Yearlings are trained and handled to a walker, familiarized with loading walking on/off a trailer and to wash racks. Yearling training with the use of a treadmill and walker to help develop their athletic image. Routine Vet care from day one. Starting as a weanling routine farrier care. HMD Racing Group goes above and beyond to ensure each weanling/yearling has all that is needed to help to ensure the best care and the needed advancement to support their upcoming athletic careers.

 HMD Racing Group's Members Ohio Leading Stallions have sired/bred Runners that have won the following:


HMD Racing Group's Member's bred Runners have earned:

  • Numerous Ohio Stakes Winners - Over $7 Million on Ohio Tracks
  • Averaging over $86,000 per runner on Ohio Tracks HMD bred runners have won $7 million on Ohio tracks averaging close to $100,000 per runner in their careers.


Sired/Bred 2019 Runners

HMD Racing Group's Stallions have produced numerous 2019 Ohio Stakes Winners . 2019 runners have done the following in 2019:

  • 35 Wins 42 Seconds 45 Thirds
  • Runners hit the board 160 times 8/starts per horse
  • Hitting the board at 52% and Winning 15% of the starts



Sired/Bred 2020 Runners

  • 62 Wins 52 Seconds 60 Thirds
  • HMD Racing Group's Stallions have continued to produce Winners
  • HMD Racing Group's  Sired/Bred runners won 9 of the 14 Stake races

Ohio Stakes Winners in the compromised race season of 2020

  • Year to date HMD Racing Group MemberSired/Bred horses have earned a total of  over $1,800,000.

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