Yearlings For Sale

Breeding, producing, and selling accredited Ohio bred yearlings is what we do! We hope, after reviewing our website, you will appreciate the HMD Racing Group way. A farm that stands for integrity, pays attention to detail and strives to deliver top developed Ohio bred yearlings to it's customers every year.

In reality, the successful preparation for sale and training of a sales yearling begins at breeding time, 3 years earlier. We start with a strong family pedigree and the right stallions. Next, the mare needs to receive proper healthcare and nutrition during pregnancy & lactation. Following weaning, the overall management of the foal during the first year-and-a-half of it's life lays the foundation for development of an athletic yearling. The potential of all yearlings is established by their pedigree. HMD Racing Group stallions and broodmares provide us the quality to guide our program to produce potential stable horses in Ohio. It's no accident that HMD Racing Group yearlings go on to compete in the accredited stakes program every year.